Keystone is a fully integrated real estate investment manager that gives any individual access to unique private real estate opportunities. We execute value-add strategies on assets in qualified locations, called “Urban Nodes.”  We utilize our extensive real estate expertise and industry relationships to source and acquire properties at a discount to their intrinsic value. After acquisition, we create value through strategic capital improvements and aggressive management and leasing.


We operate differently than other real estate investment platforms:

  • Other Managers: Only institutions and accredited investors have access.
  • Keystone: Anyone can invest. You do not need to be accredited. Private real estate was previously an asset class only available to institutions and the wealthiest individuals. We’re on a mission to change that.
  • Other Managers: Place capital with various managers who you may not know and who charge additional fees. You end up with double fees and an unknown manager.
  • Keystone: We do everything in house. We source, underwrite, acquire, manage, renovate, stabilize and dispose of the investment. We have 100% control the process cradle to grave. We do not place your investment with others and hope that they get the job done.